Zombie Zip-Up and Ninja Pull-Over Hoodies

Gear by Eli Reyes

Would you like to (a) covertly murder someone from behind or (b) slowly walk up to someone and eat their face off? If you answered (a) or (b), you’re wrong… and in need of some psychiatric help. The correct answer is (c), buy one of these hoodies.

This gory zombie zip-up and stealthy ninja pull-over have hoods that help you transform into one of the undead or an ancient Japanese spy. A zombie and ninja would actually make an interesting pairing for a buddy road trip movie. I would call it Brains, Chains, and Automobiles. Hollywood, you’re welcome.

Both hoodies are available from ThinkGeek (Zombie / Ninja) for $49.99. Thanks to FashionablyGeek for the find.

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