ZOMBIELAND 2 is Still Inching Forward, and Patrick Swayze Was Supposed To Have Bill Murray's Cameo in The First Film

On the most recent episode of AMC's Geeking Out (via ComicBook.com), Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick confirmed that they were still working on the long-gestating Zombieland 2. This movie has been in some form of development for the past seven years, and the last update we heard about this project was back in February when Reese and Wernick said they were still attached to the sequel as executive producers.

On Geeking Out, they told co-hosts Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg:

"That is breaking news that we're on Zombieland 2 right now. We're sitting with Woody [Harrelson] tomorrow and are going to sort of walk him through some of the stuff we want to do. All the cast is pretty excited."

Either they A) found a legitimate narrative reason to get the group back together for a sequel, or B) they're still trying to capitalize on the surprise success of the first film and they simply refuse to let the story end with that movie. Zombieland was once set to continue as an Amazon TV series, but that version fell apart, and apparently multiple writers have tried their hand at a sequel over the years, but it seems as if Reese and Wernick (who wrote the original) are continuing to move development forward. I'm still not convinced Zombieland 2 is a good idea, but maybe that's just me.

They also told the story of how Bill Murray's legendary cameo in the original film came to pass, and which actors were first considered for that part before Murray eventually came on board:

So now it's your turn to sound off. Are you excited about seeing a sequel after all these years?

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