ZOMBIELAND Director Being Considered for GHOSTBUSTERS 3

Buried in an Ant-Man director report from The Wrap is a little bit of Ghostbusters 3 information that I hadn't heard yet. A couple of days ago Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer was on a short list of directors to replace Edgar Wright in Ant-Man. It looks like that's not the only movie he's up for.

The report mentions he's also being considered to direct Ghostbusters 3 for Sony Pictures. Yes, that movie is still slowly moving toward production, and one day it will eventually happen. It's not really that surprising that he would be up for the gig. After all, he has already directed Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less for the studio. If they've enjoyed working with him in the past, why wouldn't they want to work with him again on such big profile project?

Fleisher may not have made the best film with Gangster Squad, but the guy has proven that he can make a visually interesting comedy, so Ghostbusters seems like it would be a great fit for him. If he ends up taking on Ghostbusters 3 I might actually be a little more excited about it. 

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