Zorbo Are Terrifying Koala-Like Monsters in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

I have not had a chance to look over “Tomb of Annihilation” yet in Dungeons & Dragons. I know that it has been out for over a year, but I’ve been busy.

However, I know there’s a monster in the adventure called a zorbo. Zorbos are often compared to koalas, but instead of eating eucalyptus leaves, zorbos feast on human flesh. Also, zorbos are a lot meaner than a cuddly koala.

Zorbos can gain armor based on their surroundings, and if a character is hit by them, the character will suffer a permanent -1 to AC while the zorbo gets a temporary +1 to theirs. I have no idea how that’s fair, but it is.

Needless to say, zorbos sound great for Dungeon Masters who really want to shake things up for their party, but awful for players. On the bright side, zorbos do have a really low Challenge Rating (CR) of 1/2, which is the third lowest CR imaginable (I’m ignoring 0). Beware the zorbo!

Via: CB

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