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Could this Be the New Director for CONAN?

by Joey Paur


We were all very relieved to hear that hack director Brett Ratner will no longer direct the 'Conan' movie. I was really interested to see who the producers of the movie would bring in to fill the void, and it looks like that void has been filled by a much, much better director. I was very happy to hear this new which came from CHUD.

According to one of their trustworthy sources James McTeigue will be directing the new Conan movie.

McTeigue is a fantastic choice! For those of you who don't know what he has done in the past here are a couple of movies you may have heard of, 'V For Vendetta' and 'Ninja Assassin'.  This guy has got what it takes to bring us a hardcore gritty hopefully bloody rated 'R'; version of 'Conan'.

This is not official yet, but I hope it turns out to be official. What do you all think about James McTeigue directing?

Source: CHUD

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