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Level 5 and Capcom Bringing PHOENIX WRIGHT and PROFESSOR LAYTON Together

GameTyrantCapcomby Wejo

At today's Level 5 Vision event, a representative for the company announced that they've partnered with Capcom to produce a Nintendo 3DS title called Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, which, as the title suggests, brings the Layton and Wright franchises together. Yes, I did figure that out myself. 

The only solid intel on the game is that the story will be written by Capcom's Shū Takumi, a Wright alumnus, and that it will involve a 'witch hunt' of some sort. No mention was made as to how the game would actually play but a hybrid of Layton's puzzle solving and Wright's adventuring sounds intriguing. 

A traditional Layton game, Professor Layton and the Marvelous Mask, was also announced for the 3DS and should be available next spring.

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