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George Lucas to Digitally Resurrect Dead Actors for Film

Movie Tech George Lucas by Joey Paur

Leave it to George Lucas to make a film that will star an A-list cast of dead actors and actresses. Apparently the producer/director is buying up the film rights to dead movie stars, so he can reconstruct them digitally for film. This is a concept that friends and I have talked about over the years, we we're just wondering when it would actually end up happening. 

The news was revealed in an interview with actor/director Mel Smith who said,

He's been buying up the film rights to dead movie stars in the hope of using computer trickery to put them all together in a movie, so you'd have Orson Welles and Barbara Stanwyck appear alongside today's stars.' Whether Lucas' attempt to superimpose the golden-era stars on to today's screens is doomed to failure or not, Smith will be too busy to be part of it.

Wow! I would actually love to see if Lucas could pull this off successfully. It seems like such a crazy idea, but with today's technology it was bound to happen. I'm going to treat this as a rumor, but it's one I definitely can see Lucas doing. 

What do you all think about George Lucas digitally bring dead actors to life to star in movies?

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