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First Look At DOCTOR WHO TARDIS Playset

TV Doctor Who Tardis by LiamK


Since the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS control room first turned up online right before the premiere of the fifth season (or thirty-first, if you prefer) of Doctor Who, one of my first thoughts was that it would probably work great on TV but be very hard to translate into a toy.  The photo below that surfaced recently on might confirm this for me, although to be fair, it is a prototype.  

It looks like to work in as much of the room as possible the whole thing was scaled down a bit in comparison to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors' playset.  I don't know how complete this is.  I kind of hope the walls go a bit higher and aren't made of card stock like the last playset.  And when do we get an old school version?

Am I the only one playing around with these things?  What do you think of Character Options' latest crack at a control room?

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