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Hey guys and girls. It's been a little while since we've recorded a podcast, but we're starting December off with a bang - a movie news bang, that is. With no new releases in theaters last weekend, Venkman leads Mazer, Tiberius, and Ben P. through a web of conversations dedicated to the week in movie news. Many things are discussed, and things occasionally get heated. Want to know more? Then why are you still reading this? Listen to the episode already! (Thanks for listening, though. Seriously.)


Box Office Numbers - 4:45

Box Office History: 2000 - 5:55


Brief Hugo discussion - 10:45

Geek News

Patty Jenkins leaves Thor 2 - 14:06

John Carter's new trailer - 18:31

The Three Stooges trailer - 29:10

Saw 8? - 34:10

Michael Bay coming back for Transformers 4? - 38:30

Texting during a movie: is it OK or not? - 42:15

Coming Soon

The Sitter - 49:25

New Year's Eve - 49:32

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (contest!) - 49:34

Young Adult - 49:39

Plugs - 50:23


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