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GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 109: Paul the Limitless Lawyer's Monster Punch


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Welcome back, Tyrants. I think this is one of our best episodes in a while, so avoid your lobotomies, strap yourselves in, and take off to our mystical fantasy world where we talk about Sucker Punch, Paul, and a whole bunch of other movies and geek-related news. Spread the word and tell your friends - the GT Weekly Podcast is where it's at.


Box Office Numbers - 2:25


Paul - 3:20

Monsters - 9:05

The Lincoln Lawyer - 15:10

Limitless - 17:35

Sucker Punch - 22:12

Geek News

Justice League movie in 2013? - 46:10

Batman reboot planned - 49:00

Amy Adams as Lois Lane - 54:45

Disney passes on Oblivion - 59:08

Coming Soon

Source Code - 1:02:25

Super - 1:03:25

Insidious - 1:04:05

Hop - 1:04:42

(Podcast Plugs - 1:07:25)


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