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Really Cool STAR TREK: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual!

Book Star Trek by Mars

So when I was browsing over at ThinkGeek I saw this awesome book for sale! Here's a small look inside as well:

Here's the decription for it:

Inside the Enterprises.

You know the voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise - all of them. But how many of us have wanted (dreamt, desired, yearned for) the chance to actually walk the halls of these ships of legend? Yeah, we know: all of us. Well, we aren't selling hallways, but we are selling a great look into every starship that bore the name Enterprise. This Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual is just the book your Star Trek heart was always looking for.

The Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual provides in-depth information about these extraordinary ships - from Archer's Enterprise NX-01 to Captain Picard's Enterprise NCC-1701-E. Inside, you'll find histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters and warp-speed travel. Find out exactly what powered these ships, how they were armed, and what it took to operate them. The Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual features newly created artwork throughout, including full-ship cutaways of each Enterprise, key systems, and interior locations, together with detailed new exterior views by one of STAR TREK's original visual effects artists. Oh, and the Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual is fully authorized by Star Trek scenic art supervisor Michael Okuda!

 Hope this was as cool to you as it was to me!

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