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Agent Coulson has gotten his own Hot Toys collectible action figure! Clark Gregg  tweeted out three photos giving us our first look at the badass S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in action figure form. What's funny about this is in the last Avengers Hot Toys post I did for The Hulk, I mentioned how they just needed an Agent Coulson action figure, and they did it! I'm not taking credit or anything, I just think it's cool! 

There's no word on when this figure will go up on sale, but to see the previous Avengers action-figures... Click here to see Nick Furyhere to see Hawkeyehere to see Captain Americahere for Thorhere for Lokihere for Black Widowhere for Iron Man Mark VIIhere to see Iron Man Mark VI and here to see the Hulk

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