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Ray Stevenson Joins DEXTER Season 7


Thor and Punisher: War Zone star Ray Stevenson has joined the highly anticipated seventh season of Showtime's Dexter! He will face off against Dexter as the leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate. This will be a recurring role throughout the next season. The actor also co-stars in the upcoming Thor sequel and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. What do you think of Stevenson taking on our favorite serial killer?

Season 7 is set to premeire on September 30th, 2012. I'm excited as hell to see how this next season plays out. I'm also a little nervous, the last episode that aired was pretty freakin' crazy! Did you watch last season yet? If not, get caught up on that shit right now! If you have....


Soon after Deb accepts the fact that she has some non-sisterly feelings for her step-brother, she walks in on Dexter as he finishes off his last victim of the last season. What the hell is Deb going to do? Where is this going to take their relationship? It's maddening to be left with such a hardcore cliffhanger!

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