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First Details on Edwards and Bekmambetov's Robot Movie


Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) and Gareth Edwards (Monsters) have been working together on a post-human adventure. We heard that news over 2 years ago, but no other details of the project ever surfaced. Lucky for us, Bekmambetov dropped a little knowledge in an exclusive interview with io9

The script is finished. They are (the writer and Gareth) they are re-writing the second draft... It's called Forever. It's about the future, and robots. A story about a society of robots.

The movie sounds like it's going to star an all-robot cast, but it won't be entirely CG. When asked, Bekmambetov said,

No, no, no, no there's a boy. There are other characters. Humans are involved.

So that's all we know for now. Do these scant details pique your interest in the movie?

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