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The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 94 - Presumed Innocent

In this week's episode, Ben and Tyler discuss Alan J. Pakula's 1990 film, Presumed Innocent. Download all of our previous episodes at, shoot us an e-mail at, or call and leave us a voicemail with your thoughts about this movie or the show at (904) 469-6566. Thanks for listening, and spread the word!


Character Name Game Intro - 1:51

Media Consumed


Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter - 2:25

Dracula 2000 - 6:12


Newsies - 10:10

Snabba Cash (aka Easy Money) - 14:07


Presumed Innocent - 19:00


Next Time: Paper Moon  - 50:25

Listener E-mail/Voicemail/Twitter - 51:15

Character Name Game - 55:25


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