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Adam Sandler Adapting Awesome BAD TOYS II Short!

Columbia Pictures and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions have teamed up to develop a big-screen adaptation of Bad Toys II, which is a hybrid animated-live-action short film created Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste. It's kind of a parody of Michael Bay's insane style of filmmaking. 

The movie uses a combination of live-action, comic book panels, and CG, and is an awesome destructive car chase that starts off with toys on a living room floor. It escalates into a "metal-crunching, tire-screeching, car-crashing levels seen in Bay’s own Bad Boys movies with two wise-cracking cops trying to catch a van of bad guys." 

This isn’t the first time Sandler's company has picked up an Internet short to turn into a feature film. They're currently developing a fun looking movie called Pixels for the big screen. 

I hadn't even come across this short until today, but it's pretty freakin' awesome! I can see why Sandler wants to turn it a movie. Watch it below and tell us if you like like what you see or not!



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