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Rejected Pitches for BACK TO THE FUTURE - Comedy Sketch

"The title doesn't make any sense, but we love the script!"

Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was such a well made film, and had such a great story, that apparently touched on some pretty intense psychological issues. Above Average Productions has created a funny comedy sketch featuring a team of studio executives tearing into the script with Robert Zemeckis, basically pointing out all of the issues that the movie has, and how "a movie about a teenager who travels back in time and becomes romantically involved with his mother could never be a hit comedy."

This is a webseries called Rejected Pitches, and here's a note from the creators:

The vast majority of movie pitches are rejected. Even movies that we know and love--or sort of love--were most likely rejected at some point, too. This is a series about the movie executives who rejected those pitches.

Check out the comedy sketch below and let us know if you thought it was funny or not!

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