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Reach way back in your memory banks to the year 2003. Remember watching Comedy Central and coming across a Jewish exploitation film called The Hebrew Hammer? Adam Goldberg starred as Mordechai Jefferson Carver, a "Shaft"-type character who battled Santa Claus' son to save Hanukkah.

Now THR says a sequel is in development, and this time around, writer-director Jonathan Kesselman is having The Hebrew Hammer take on the Jewish people's biggest adversary: Adolf Hitler himself. The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler is being crowdsourced through a website called, and Goldberg and co-star Judy Greer are signed on to return. Also along for the ride this time? Jesus Christ himself...or at least the character, anyway. The Hammer heads out, with Jesus as his sidekick, to take down freaking Adolf Hitler. Sounds like this could be some really interesting viewing. Production starts this spring, and you can check out the pitch video below:

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