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Captain America (Female) - Best of Cosplay Collection

 HinoSherloki is Captain America

What if, instead of Steve Rogers, a woman was given the super solider serum? We present to you an all female twist on the icon Captain America (all male coming tomorrow). There are a lot of interpretations in this collection; some harken to the movies and some to the comic books. Enjoy!

Stephanie Castro is Captain America | Photo by briancalilung

 Courtoon is Captain America | Photo by Elemental-sight | Costume by Nsomniacartist

PuppetsFall is American Dream | Photo by Robert Kilgore

Tskyli is Captain America | Photo by ExileFayt

Christine is Captain America | Photo by Josh Barrett

 Poverty is Captain America | 

 InhumanSandwiches is Captain America | Photo Rodrigo Garcia

 Rose0fMay is American Dream | Photo by TBrindisi

imatangelo  is Captain America | Photo by Joey Miller

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