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See a Very Different Side of Michael Cera in MAGIC MAGIC Trailer

Magic Magic was one of the more unsettling/crazy films that I saw at Sundance earlier this year. It stars Juno Temple, Emily Browning, and Michael Cera, who gives one of the strangest performances of his career. This film shows us a side of Cera you've never seen before. This trailer is weird because it makes him out to be some kind of psychopath. In a way he is, but not in the way he's being portrayed in the trailer. He's more of a nut that might have a mental handicap. You can read my review for the film here.

If Alicia could just get some sleep, everything would be all right. As she and her cousin Sarah make their way through rural Chile with Sarah’s boyfriend, his sister, and their strange American friend Brink, Alicia’s insomnia slowly takes control. The difference between what is happening in reality and what is happening in her own mind becomes less and less clear to her. After she takes a stab at hypnosis to help solve the problem, things only get worse. As her waking nightmare continues, will her “friends” be her salvation or her downfall?

Magic Magic hits DVD and VOD on August 6th. Check out the trailer.

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