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5 Moments From Han Solo's Early Life That We Need To See


With the upcoming Star Wars stand alone film featuring Han Solo on the horizon, I've been scouring the origins of the smuggler to see what events would be ideal for his film. What are the major events I would personally like to see in the film? Well, I'd like to see it all, but these moments are in my top 5 and absolutely essential in my opinion to telling the story of Han Solo proper.

5. The Kessel Run

Under 12 parsecs?! That's 39.12 light years Han and Chewie traveled shaving 19.56 light years off a regularly 18 parsec journey! So how did he do it? Expanded Star Wars universe points to flying close to black holes (risky maneuver) and quite a bit of fancy flying. We briefly saw in the earlier movies Han's skill as a pilot, now it's time to see some real action. The tale of the Kessel Run is what got Han the job transporting Obi Wan and Luke in the first place! It's absolutely an essential event in the next movie for me.

4. Winning The Millennium Falcon From Lando


We haven't even begun to think about who will play the young Lando Calrissian, but we should seeing as he was integral to a major event in young Solo's life. Being an orphaned Corellian, Han was taken in by pirates at a young age and resorted to common thievery for a good chunk of his early years. We all know crime doesn't pay (at least not enough to get the fastest hunk o' junk in the galaxy), so how did Han get the Millennium Falcon? The official story takes place at the championship round of the Cloud City Sabacc tournament in which Han claims Lando's ship (the Falcon) after Calrissian wagers it against their match. Sabacc is mentioned quite a bit in the Star Wars novels, but only once in the films in which the story appeared briefly in a second draft script for Episode V.


This will surely be an interesting scene as there is some speculation due to Han's past work as a thief and Corellian stereotypes that he could've cheated Lando out of his ship with some slight of hand. Though there are no hard details on the match that took place, it would play into Solo's character and perhaps better explain the odd relationship the two have throughout the films.

3. Han Shooting First


There can be no better way to appease masses of fans of the series than to show definitive evidence that Han Solo will always shoot first. An action, nod, or anything to tip a hat to the long going debate between George Lucas and his fans would give me a great amount of satisfaction in watching this film...provided he shoots first of course. I mean c'mon...the guy didn't get to where he is being a model compassionate, honorable, and trusting individual did he? This film will show that and further push the debate in favor of the fans I hope.

2. Boba Fett Fight


It may just be my opinion, but in my mind we should see the Han Solo movie released before Boba Fett. This way we can acknowledge that Fett was indeed a part of Solo's past, and also give us a look at the updated bounty hunter we will be following in his standalone film. Personally, I do not want the Boba Fett film to take place during his search for Solo, but possibly after he escapes the Sarlacc pit (more on that in another article). A brief cameo the length of a fight scene would give me my fix, I feel, and get me all the more pumped about seeing the movie featuring him later on. Make him a central point to the plot and you'll spend too much time on a cat and mouse adventure and bore me.

1. Meeting Chewbacca


How exactly does one come to meet a Wookie outside of Kashyyk? Better question, how does one come to understand the language? While details may vary when the film comes out, the official story is that while under the tuteledge of pirates and smugglers, Han was raised by a female Wookie by the name of Dewlanna and learned the language as she raised him like a son. Dewlanna ultimately sacrificed herself for Han's life and he swore to himself he would repay the debt to another of her kind some day.


Flash forward to our very own Chewbacca working alongside Han in a pirate cargo ship years later. Things get tense when Chewie discovers the illegal cargo is young Wookies and attacks the commander of the ship. Han saves Chewbacca who swears a life debt, to which Han is not entirely thrilled about, but accepts... I'm really not doing the tale as much justice as it deserves and honestly doubt a film will do much better unless it dedicates an hour or so. Although this is my most anticipated scene in the film, I wouldn't be upset if the official story was tweaked just a bit to accommodate a quicker alliance between the two.

So that's it for what I'd like to see! Post your own wishes/debates/talking points below and we'll discuss them all at length!

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