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Cool BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy Posters by Andy Fairhurst


I just had to share these really cool Back to the Future posters that were created by Andy Fairhurst. This is the artist who brought us that awesome "When I Grow Up I Wanna Be..." superhero series, which you can check out here and here. I love the clever and unique trilogy poster art that he did for the films below. This is what the artist had to say about these,

Over the years though I had never really done any artwork related to BTTF (apart from a recent ‘Geek Kid’ I did – seen above ) and considering I have done Batman and Star Wars time and time again I had never found the right idea to tackle a BTTF piece…until I joined The Poster Posse. I have done a few posters since joining and have been really inspired by all the members on our forum. And it wasn’t until I saw an awesome BTTF poster which went viral online recently by Mondo artist Laurent Durieux, that I thought ‘Yeah! I can do a poster!’ That’s how I got around it…I did a poster. I wouldn’t have done that before Poster Posse. I find I can think slightly more outside the box and not worry too much about 100% accuracy with posters and I am finding I am enjoying it more and more and discovering the artwork of other Poster Posse members is an eye opener. So I did 2 posters, both depicting Marty in 1955 and 1985 with only the shoes and skateboards showing, which I felt was enough to get the feel of the movie across. I added a bonus 3rd poster depicting the hover board from BTTF2 as I figured that I’d get requests for that as well. Anyway I have lots to work on with my normal stuff that I do but I find myself now thinking of what I can do with “Alien” or “The Lost Boys” and other films in poster form thanks to joining this group.

Thanks to Blurppy for the heads up!

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