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Must Have BATMAN and GHOSTBUSTERS-Themed Slot Car Sets

Who didn’t have a slot car racing set growing up?! My brothers and I would spend hours building, rebuilding, and combining our sets. I don’t know how much “racing” we did, but we definitely did a lot of crashing and breaking. GeekAlerts recently posted two great sets that turn up the nostalgia meter even further. The sets put you “behind the wheel” of two of the most iconic cars in history, the Batmobile and the Ecto-1.

The first is a ‘60s Batman-themed set called Batman Pursuit of the Penguin Electronic Slot Car Racing Playset.

“This set includes 4 four-gear slot cars, a Gotham City backdrop, AC power pack, 2 variable speed controllers, support pillars, flagpoles, Batman and Robin stickers, and 18-feet of track with a loop. It features multiple layout options too.”

Available for $109.99 at Entertainment Earth and for $104.87 at Amazon

Available for $109.99 at Entertainment Earth and for $104.87 at Amazon

The second set is a Ghostbusters-themed set named Ghostbusters Haunted Highway Electronic Slot Car Racing Playset.

“It includes 14-feet of HO scale track, the Ecto-1 and NYPD police cruiser race cars, and 2 sections of ectoplasm track.”

Available for $89.99 at Entertainment Earth

Available for $89.99 at Entertainment Earth

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