Star Wars Cantina BURLESQUE Show

Devil's Playground transformed Los Angeles' Club Bordello into Star Wars' Mos Eisley Cantina this past Saturday night for some Tatooine-styled debauchery. For the Star Wars themed Burlesque Show, some of your favorite characters were stripped down from iconic to unrecognizable senselessness.

Slave Leia needed no translation, and the sexy Storm Trooper costume was well executed. But the rest are pretty strange or down right scary. I guess it's futile to try and make Jabba the hut sexy, but it looks like she took the Lady Gaga bubble costume and put a big potato sack over it.

Above and below are the PG versions of the gallery. To check out the full  (NSFW) gallery, Click Here.

If you wanna check out some cool Star Wars pinup art, Click Here.

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