THE KARATE KID Remake Test Screenings are Getting Very High Scores

I really dislike the fact that Sony Pictures has gone ahead and remade the 1984 classic film The Karate Kid, but at the same time I was actually surprised by what I saw from the trailer. The movie looks like it could be enjoyable to watch, but definitely won't go down as a classic. I thought maybe they showed all the good parts in the trailer, you all know that movie trailers can be very deceiving. But, according to EW the film is actually testing through the roof with early research screenings. 

Sony Pictures is saying that the movie has scored just below Sony's highest test screening ever, which is Will Smith's 2005 Hitch. Smith is actually a producer on The Karate Kid as well, and it stars his son Jaden in the lead role of Dre. So Will Smith has been involved with the top two two highest rated research screenings for Sony. The film also stars Jackie Chan as Dre's mentor and trainer.

The Karate Kid scored in the 97th percentile. That's a pretty damn high score. This makes me wonder if the movie is going to end up being a very good film. 

Fact of the matter is the movie comes out on June 11th, that is the same day that another 80's reboot classic is coming out... The A-Team, and I'm definitely more excited about seeing that. It should be interesting to see what movie ends up taking the number one spot that opening weekend. 

Does knowing that the test screening's for this movie have received high scores among audiences make you more interested in seeing it? On June 11th what movie will you be seeing, The A-Team or The Karate Kid?