Incredible Fan-Made WAR MACHINE Suit

Back in August we showed you a pretty amazing fan-made Iron Man costume that would be pretty hard to beat. The suit looked great! But today we bring you a fan-made War Machine suit that puts the Iron Man costume to shame. 

This War Machine suit looks incredible! There is an awesome amount of detail and unlike the bulky looking Iron Man suit this one is proportioned correctly and has a slimmer fit. 

It's amazing that there are fans out there that posses the power and ability to make these kinds of suits. This thing is awesome, and I want one! 

This is pretty much a replica of the War Machine suit that we have all seen in the Iron Man 2 trailer. This costume was was designed and built by Anthony Le, and it's quite impressive. 

Thank to director Jon Favreau who tweeted the link to this great looking suit. Check out the pics below and I've included the suit specs at the bottom.

The suit was built using High Impact urethane material and over 600+ rivets and rivet washer have been used so far. As for the specs...


  • Wrist rockets w/ laser v1.0completed
  • Mini Gun simulated fire and drop lock system w/laser v1.0 completed
  • Movie accurate Arch reactor v3.0
  • Mid-section w/ movable plates v3.0
  • "underwear armor" v2.0 Completed
  • Leg's/Pants armor v3.0 Completed
  • Armor shoes v1.0 Completed
  • Neck cover piece armor v2.0
  • Replusor gauntlets
  • Upgraded helmet v7.0 w/ upgraded flip open/close hinge system
  • lighted eyes "in progress"
  • remote firing system "to shoot bottle rockets hehehe"
  • replusor gauntley top cover.
  • Paint job with brush metal finish.


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