Charlize Theron to Play the Evil Queen in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN?

There's been a lot of casting news surrounding this new live-action Snow White film project called Snow White and The Huntsman. Tom Hardy is currently up for the lead role in the film of Eric The Huntsman, and Angelina Jolie was apparently showing some interest in playing the evil queen in the film. It doesn't look that's going to happen though, because today it's being reported that the part of the queen has gone to Charlize Theron. There is no confirmation of this, so why don't we go ahead and treat this as a rumor for now. 

The film will feature a bigger role for the Huntsman character. In the fairy tale, he is ordered to take Snow White into the woods and kill her, but instead lets her go. In the new take, the Huntsman is not a love interest but acts more as a mentor, teaching Snow White to fight and survive.

Theron was also set to star in Mad Max: Fury Road with Hardy before the production got delayed. I guess Snow White is the place to go when you have some extra time on your hands. 

I can see Theron taking the on the role of an evil queen. Can you?

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