Disney Developing new Sci-fi Film, HOVERCAR 3D

MovieDisneyby Joey Paur

It looks like Disney has found their next big futuristic sci-fi thriller in a new live-action movie they are developing called Hovercar 3D. The film is being described as "Harry Potter, but with racing."  It is also being compared to the upcoming Tron: Legacy film. 

The story is about a hovercar racer tasked with escorting an informant to safety as the two come under fire from corrupt government operatives. 

The LA Times reports that the movie is "based on an online serial that was turned into a popular young-adult book series from the Australian novelist Matthew Reilly , the property was actually set up at Disney six years ago with the creators responsible for Smallville, who remain involved. But Hovercar has now been restarted and put back on track, with all the attendant puns that implies."

It also looks like the studio has already found a director to bring the movie to life. According to The Times, they are currently looking at commercial director Fredrik Bond to develop the film. Bond was recently attached to another sci-fi film called Year 12. You can see Bond's great commercial work by clicking right here. Up-and-coming writer Blaise Hemingway will write the script for the film.

This film definitely sounds like a lot of fun, and could end up being a pretty successful film franchise if done right. I really enjoyed The Wachowski’s Speed Racer, and this sounds like it could be a lot like that. And this new project makes me wonder... if Speed Racer had been released in 3D, would it have been more successful? It will be cool to see how this film turns out. 

Here's a detailed description of the story:


In the world of the near future, the most popular sport in the world is hover car racing. Superfast and dangerous, its heroes are the racers: part fighter pilot, part race-car driver, all superstar.


But to get to the Pro Circuit, you must first pass through the International Race School, a brutal cauldron of wild races on even wilder courses, where only the best of the best will survive.


This is the story of Jason Chaser, a talented young racer selected to attend the Race School. He’s younger than the other students. He’s smaller. His trusty car, the Argonaut, is older. But Jason Chaser is no ordinary racer. And as he races against the best drivers in the world he will learn that at Race School winning is everything, that not everyone in this world fights fair, and that you never ever have any friends on the track.

Strap on your seatbelts and hold on tight because the pace of reading just went supersonic! From Matthew Reilly, author of “Ice Station” and “Scarecrow”, comes his most original novel yet – no less than the fastest story ever told.

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