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Who doesn't love the concept of this: Ninjas Versus Vampires?  I went into this film with mediocre expectations and came away with a huge taste of  ass-kicking ninja satisfaction! 

The same guys who brought us Ninjas Versus Zombies (review here) have created something special this time around. Our favorite ninjas return this time to battle it out with vampires of all things.  Justine Timpane returns as writer and director for this second helping and has far, far surpassed his zombie offering.  He has absolutely kicked it up a notch (no pun intended) and succeeded on all levels.

The story and chemestry is strong and returns our favorite pizza/ninja guy  Kyle (Daniel Ross) who once again adds just the right touch of one-liners when needed along with kick-ass ninja action of course.  Joining Kyle are Cole (Cory Okouchi ), Lily (Carla Okouchi), and a few others who meet new ally Aaron (Jay Saunders) and Alex (Devon Marie Burt)  who goes on a “find yourself journey” to go up against an evil vampire organization led by Seth (Kurt Skarstedt) and the deadly cute Lorna (Elizabeth Christmas Taylor) by his side who have a secret weapon/alliance with his crazy brother by  Manson (Daniel Mascarello) who looks a lot like Scorpius from Farscape I might add and The Bishop (P.J. Megaw) who is this creepy masked wearing henchman on a warparth.

The FX for Ninjas Versus Vampires are fun to watch, they are as good as it can get for an indie film but don’t expect Star Wars like FX, we don’t get that in indie films.  The acting is executed to perfection by everyone. The film is shot really well and the sound is clear which many indie films have a problem with. The music/soundtrack freakin rocks and fits perfectly and the fight scenes are fun to watch and by far way better than it's predecessor. Our ninjas and their new friend Aaron make the perfect protagonists who match evenly with the vamped out antagonists in the film who also give us just enough darkness to level out the campiness and fun one-liners. 

Our heroes fall to their weakest point going up against these new baddies and with all of their special abilities at an all time low how can they overcome the new evil out to get them, a price will be paid? Well, once again I can’t tell you everything but will say this. The ending will leave you wanting more….

If you get a chance to see Ninjas Versus Vampires it’s definitely a fun watch, worth seeking out and honestly Timpane is getting better with each offering and I can't wait to see what he does next!

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