Is the OLD BOY Remake Back on Track?

The last we heard, Steven Spielberg and Will Smith's Oldboy remake project was dead, and the world rejoiced. The two talents planned on using the comic book source material for the remake. Mandate and DreamWorks didn't see eye to eye on the project and DreamWorks ended up dropping out.

Today a tweet went out from Pajiba saying that the project could be back on. They got an inside scoop saying that a script for the remake written by I Am Legend writer Mark Protosevich has been turned into Mandate, and they like what they see. The studio likes it so much that they are going out to try and get Steven Spielberg back on project.

If Spielberg passes on the project a second time, Mandate will take it to Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass) or Danny Boyle (Sunshine), either one wouldn't be a bad choice as a director either. I'm a big fan of Chan-wook Park’s version of the the story.  I still think a remake is unnecessary, but if it's going to be done, I think I would much rather see the remake directed by Boyle. This next version of the remake will not involve Will Smith, so that's good. I never thought he was the right actor for the role. 

There's a chance the movie still wont get made, but if it does, who would you rather see direct it? Boyle or Spielberg?

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