This Week in Comics, 02.10.2010

In the hallowed halls of the Brownstone, the headquarters and home of the Justice Society of America, a lone issue of This Week in Comics lies within a dusty, glass case in the main annex. Unfortunately, Tom Welling cannot read.

Did anyone else catch "Absolute Justice"? The Smallville mini-movie made for TV? If you did, it was written by Geoff Johns, and the story was down right interesting. However, the acting, the fight choreography and the absence of Aquaman were just some of the problems I had with this episode. I considered DVRing the remainder of the season, just to see what happens, but I decided to keep Human Target on instead.

I'd also like to address the comment battle that occurred last week in our February 3rd TWIC edition. Now let's get one thing straight: I don't write this article and GeekTyrant doesn't have this site for nonsensical arguments between commentators. The rabid discussion also had NOTHING to do with comic books, which I found quite depressing. If you're going to verbally attack someone, at least throw some comic book-related reasoning behind it.

Onto the news...

-- Last week, I mentioned the Avengers. This week, the creative team for The Secret Avengers has been announced, and it's writer Ed Brubaker (Captain America) and artist Mike Deodato (Dark Avengers). What's so secret about them? Are they characters we haven't heard from in a while? Do they have bastard children? Do they pay their child support? Sources say the Secret Avengers will come from the aftermath of SIEGE, so if you're dead-set on joining the Marvel Heroic Age, I'd recommend keeping up with SIEGE. But what do I know, I failed the 5th grade. Twice. ["Secret Avengers" Creative Team Announced]

-- I was really stoked when Paul Levitz signed on to write a new Legion of Superheroes series, as well as a stint on Superman/Batman and House of Mystery. But what does Paul Levitz do on his free time when he isn't writing comic stories? Some say he and his mustache roam the streets mumbling of long lost gold in the mountains of northern Alberta, Canada. Others have seen him flipping restaurant tables at a local Ponderosa Steakhouse yelling for more pepper in his Sprite. Still, I once heard he actually tried to tee off the EPCOT ball while singing "Someday My Prince Will Come" in German. Moral of the story is, if you EVER have a party, invite Paul Levitz. [Levitz Serves Duty With "Legion," Gets Dirty With Vertigo]

-- If you enjoyed any of the DC Universe Animated DVDs, like Superman/Doomsday, Gotham Knight or Justice League: The New Frontier, then I'm sure you will enjoy Crisis on Two Earths. I still have yet to check out Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Personally, I'm still waiting for the animated Aquaman movie, as well as the Green Arrow/Green Lantern movie where Speedy is busted with heroin. The real villain here is drug use, so DON'T DO IT! [Preview of JLA: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS: JLA vs. Crime Syndicate]

-- Yadda yadda yadda...Bruce Wayne is coming back...finally. Notice that it's not Batman: Rebirth or The Return of Batman. Does that mean Richard Grayson is going to stick around as Batman, while Bruce serves as the new Alfred? Or will Grayson be demoted back to Nightwing? Or worse, Robin?! [RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 and #2 covers]
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As always, Geek Tyrants, keep reading comic books, and never delete Paul Levitz's number from your phone.


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