James Cameron gives story details for AVATAR 2 and how it won't be called Avatar 2

James Cameron revealed a few new details regarding what he wants to do with his sequel to Avatar. We know a sequel is going to happen, but Cameron hasn't made a deal to direct it with the studio yet, at the same time in this recent interview he said he didn't want anyone else to do it. So I assume that he will end up making it. He explains:

I wouldn't do that for the second film. It'd be premature to turn it over to somebody else right now. I think I'd have to use a film to train somebody to be able to take the reins, honestly. That's how I see it.

Now, Cameron has talked about Avatar being a trilogy of films so perhaps he will train someone to direct the third? At least we know he's going to direct the sequel. As for the title of the sequel, he doesn't want to call the movie Avatar 2 because it's an unoriginal name and it doesn't fit the story of the sequel.

Certainly I don't want to call it Avatar 2. He's not an avatar anymore, is he? Maybe we'll call it Na'vi.

As for the story of the sequel, Cameron definitely wants to take the audience on a more spiritual journey. He wants to dive deeper into the spirituality and culture of the Na'vi people.

I think we can see that there's a greater receptivity to it on the part of the audience than certainly the studio originally imagined. We pared back on it a fair bit in the first film, and I think we can go farther in that direction and not alienate people.

I found the Na'vi culture incredibly interesting in the first film, but I also enjoyed the hell out of all the badass action sequences. We've heard rumors that the sequel is also going to have even more and bigger action than the first movie. Maybe diving more into the spirituality of the Na'vi will provide a way to help possibly bring back Sigourney Weaver's character, which has also been rumored. So we'll get more spirituality and more war, I can live with that.

It will probably be about another two years before we get to see the sequel, but what do you think about Cameron's ideas so far?

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