James Cameron's FANTASTIC VOYAGE Script is Finished, and AVATAR 3D Blu-Ray

As we've discussed before, director James Cameron is producing a remake of the classic 1966 sci-fi movie The Fantastic Voyage. He recently revealed at Visual Effects Society Awards that the script for the movie is done and that they are currently on the hunt for a director because they obviously haven't hired one yet.

Cameron also explains that "medical imaging has come an awful long way since the '60s, when the first film was made. So we can do some pretty amazing stuff." I'm sure no matter what this guy has his hands in, it will be pretty amazing stuff. Just because he's producing doesn't mean he not going to have a heavy influence on how the film is made.

Cameron then goes on to discuss Avatar being released on blu-ray 3D saying,

For Avatar, it'll be coming to the home in 3-D for anyone that buys a 3-D-enabled monitor, which are on the market now. Samsung's got it right now, and the other big companies are coming out over the next few months. We haven't made any final decisions yet, but we've certainly seen what the Avatar Blu-ray 3-D looks like on these new monitors. You want to buy a big one.

So if you don't have a 3D TV then I guess your SOL unless your ready to drop a few grand for one. I love how he says you'll want to buy a big one. I guess buying a small 3D capable TV isn't worth it. 

Who would you like to see come on board to direct Fantastic Voyage?

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