Lots of TRON Entertainment Coming Our Way - Sequels, TV & Theme Park

MovieTronby Joey Paur

Disney is going to take the Tron franchise for everything it's got. It seems like everyone at the studio is so excited by what they have with Tron Legacy that they are going to launch the franchise into several different directions to provide all kinds of Tron entertainment to the people. 

When the original Tron was released it didn't do very well in the box office and I think that it was just ahead of its time. But since then, the audience for the film has grown massively and the excitement for the sequel is blowing up all over the place! I have yet to meet a person that isn't excited about watching Tron Legacy. Disney knows this and is ready to milk the hell out of it.

It's no surprise to me that Disney wants to turn this film series into a franchise, so I'm not surprised regarding the news that Tron Legacy could be the first film in a trilogy. But I guarantee that if these movies are good and make tons of money, it will go beyond three films. 

We also reported not too long ago that Disney was going to develop a new TV series based on the world of Tron. We didn't know if it would be live-action or animated, but today Blue Sky Disney has revealed that the show will indeed be a CGI animated series. This series will be released between the first film and the second film to keep audiences happy. The concept for the show has been green lit and will most likely end up on one of the many channels Disney owns. 

Another Tron related thing we can look forward to are Theme Park changes. Apparently, Tomorrowland is going to get a Tron facelift. There are parts of these areas that are going to get thematic makeovers. I seriously wouldn't doubt that Space Mountain gets all Troned out, even the big arcade in Tomorrowland could be turned into Flynn's Arcade from the movie. This could all happen around October and November.

Disney is definitely talking about a developing a Tron attraction/ride for the theme parks, apparently they are working on concepts right now. This won't hit the theme parks until at least 2012. But it's been described as "pure, Disney spectacle and absolute techno-geek magic."

Of course most of this all come down to how well Tron Legacy performs at the Box-Office I doubt there will be a problem. I'm excited for all this Tron stuff! Tron was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I have no problem with reliving my childhood in all this Tron greatness.

Remember you can catch the trailer this weekend when you go see Alice in Wonderland! The image at the top of this article is a new image from the movie Tron.

What are your thoughts all this Tron maddness!?

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