Neil Patrick Harris talks DR. HORRIBLE 2 and Possible Theatrical Release

Movieby Joey Paur

There's been talk about a sequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for some time now. There's no doubt that the sequel will eventually happen, it's just a matter of how we end up watching it. I serious doubt we'll be watching the sequel online though. There is a strong possibility that the sequel will get a theatrical release. 

This isn't new news, Joss Whedon and Jed Whedon have been talking about Dr. Horrible 2 getting a feature film release since last year. Here's what they had to say in a previous interview,

We've talked about doing an actual studio film. The story we've talked about is pretty big, so it may end up being longer.

The one fear they had was that any studio they do the movie with will hold them back creatively. They want to do it their way with no studio influence. In a recent interview with MTV, Neil Patrick Harris talked about the project saying that it he hopes they do make it into a feature film.

Apparently they're making a 'Dr. Horrible' sequel—a feature film, I hope. I hope they cast me in it—we'll see.

That's their plan. I don't know of what scale. They're talking all options, because they made the first 'Dr. Horrible' in five days on no budget at all—that was its intention.

I think it would be awesome for this great web series to actually get a big screen sequel, that would definitely be a first.

Would you like to see Dr. Horrible 2 hot the big screen?

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