SPY KIDS 4 3D Gets a Release Date

Movie3Dby Joey Paur

It looks like Robert Rodriguez is actually moving forward with his plans to make a fourth Spy Kids movie called Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Dimension Films has given it a release date, and that date is August 19th 2011. So mark your calendars because you know you can't wait to see this kids flick! 

I was really hoping Rodriguez was messing around when he said he wanted to make a new Spy Kids film that would be more of a reboot than a sequel. Back in December he talked about his plans of using different kids instead of the original's, and that he planned on working on it March or April of this year.

For some reason Rodriguez thinks Spy Kids is a really cool idea, I find them extremely annoying. Even my kids say it's a dumb movie. As much as I have enjoyed Rodriguez's past adult movie work, his kid films are just plain awful.



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