Wolfgang Petersen Ready to Direct Live-Action Adaptation of PAPRIKA

Movieby Joey Paur

Director Wolfgang Petersen is getting antsy to adapt the a live-action adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's novel Paprkika, which was already adapted into a great trippy anime film created by Satoshi Kon. It was announced in August of last year that Petersen would direct the film and he recently gave an update on where that project currently stands. 

He reveals to MTV that he plans on making the film big, and that he currently has a detailed treatment ready to be turned into a script. Once he's given the greenlight a script will be developed very quickly. He says that the film project is on the fast track. Here's what he had to say about the scope of the movie,

We open it up a little bit more so it’s more accessible for a wide audience, but it comes a little bit sort of “Matrix” feel. Not like Matrix but sort of the size of it all, the scope of it all. So that it becomes more of a film for a mainstream audience.

Petersen goes on to say that he thought the anime version was fantastic and that the live action version will be a "very very interesting movie."

Peterson has directed films such as Troy, In the Line of Fire, Das Boot, and The Perfect Storm. It should be interesting to see how deep the director's imagination can go with this. This will definitely be the most visual and creatively imaginative story that he's told in his career. Does he have what it takes to blow our minds? Because that's what this movie should do.



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