This Week in Comics, 04.15.2010

So I got a call from DC Entertainment this week and they said that the "Batman/Randy Savage" crossover event I promoted last week was the worst thing they'd ever seen. I was taken aback for a moment, and then kind of agreed with them. Oh well, there's always a silver lining, which means they paid me to never pitch ANY idea to them EVER again.

Let's bring in the news...

-- It wasn't too long ago that I wrote about the iPad and how there should be a Kindle-esque app just for comic books. Well, the right people read TWIC, so that idea has now become a reality. Now, I'm not saying I deserve all the credit, but a check for 20 percent of the app sales wouldn't be too bad. [
Download the Official Marvel Comics iPad App and This Week in Comics, 02.03.2010]

-- I'm a fan of Firefly, but I wouldn't call myself a "browncoat". Actually, I didn't know the term existed until two years after I'd watched Firefly and Serenity. Shows how much I know. Well, for those of you who have yet to leave the basement since the show was canceled, Patton Oswalt (Spence from King of Queens) has gained the author"ship" to write Serenity: Float Out, which focuses on the character Wash. When is a series going to focus on young Inara's erotic journey from Milan to Minsk?? [Patton Oswalt on "Serenity: Float Out"]

-- Remember when I used to say back-up features to comic books suck, because they usually contain failed characters that DC tries to push down our throats? Well, with the failure of Blue Beetle and the graduation of the Legion of Superheroes, Ray Palmer (Atom) is on the chopping block. I may or may not enjoy this *small* look into the life of a man who has failed as a superhero, husband and multiversal savior. But damned if I don't love the little guy... [Lemire Embiggens Ray Palmer]

-- Holy balls! Dan Jurgens is writing and drawing for a new series detailing the travels of Green Lantern, Superman and Booster Gold. Where are they traveling, you ask? ACROSS TIME!!! What is the search for? BATMAN!! It's a companion piece to BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. Editor Mike Carlin had this to say:

"It’s been a while since Dan Jurgens and I worked on his introduction of Vanishing Point into the DC Universe— but what’s a “while” to a coupla experienced time travelers like us! When Dan introduced Waverider and the Linear Men to SUPERMAN it was only a matter of time (sorry!) before Rip Hunter would be revealed to be a major player at the end of time. And now with the time-stream changing disappearance of Batman it’s about time (sorry, again!) that DC’s Time Masters took the search into their own hands! Add Booster Gold to the mix and the Time Masters just might have to deal with a detour or two— all the while hoping to find Batman before time unravels from Vanishing Point back to the big bang!"

When asked for a follow-up comment, Red Robin Tim Drake had this to say:

"I told them so! This whole universe blows. First I get fired from my job as Robin, my meal ticket is presumed dead and despite the cave drawings that CLEARLY show that Bruce is still alive, NO ONE even talks to me! Oh, now they won't even include me in the Time Masters series? This is one dysfunctional Batman family feud!! [Prepare for TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT]


As always, keep coming back to GeekTyrant for everything movie- and awesome-related. As for me? I'm going to draw up some more comics and hope that someday DCE will realize the goldmine they keep sending away with a gift bag. This thing doesn't even COME WITH BATTERIES!!


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