Confirmed: Joss Whedon is on Short List of Directors to take on THE AVENGERS

On the first of the month IESB reported that Joss Whedon was one of the directors that might end up directing The Avengers. It was April Fools day when we posted that news, and there were a good amount of people that thought it was a April Fools joke, but it wasn't. 

Today the LA Times confirmed that Joss Whedon has in fact met with Marvel executives and is currently on a short list of directors who are in line to develop the film. 

For those you you who think Whedon is the wrong choice for this, one of our readers that goes by the name of trueslicky made a great observation in comparing Whedon to J.J. Abrams. here is what was said,

If comic back fan nerds made up a large portion of the population- or if Whedon actually got network support- all of his shows would be huge hits instead of cult ones. Look at J.J. Abrams- how high were the ratings for Alias? Its a surprise it lasted as long as it did. But ABC was patient, gave him support for Lost- with the help of a lot of writing & producing alums from Whedon's "failed" TV shows- and created a huge hit, due to network support. 

I think Whedon is a very talented individual one that I think has the talent and skills to develop a great Avengers film. Look what J.J. Abrams has done so far, he came from the TV world, created a little show called Felicity for cryin-out-loud now look where he's at. Whedon had done some great work in his career and I think he would do a fantastic job assembling The Avengers

So go ahead and unleash your thoughts. Now that Whedon is confirmed to be a possible director, what do you think?

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