First Footage of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Unleashed!

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Last week we told you that amateur filmmaker Jason Eisener has started shooting Hobo With a Shotgun and that he had cast film legend Rutger Hauer (Blind Fury) to star in the film as the shotgun wilding hobo of death. Eisner entered a fake trailer for the film in a contest set up for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse double feature. Hobo With A Shotgun won. Eisner went out and got himself the funding to turn the trailer into a full length movie. 

Eisner has already done one week of filming for the project, and he's gone ahead and released some teaser footage from the film to get people excited for the film. It also gives us our first look at Rutger Hauer as the mean ass hobo, and he looks awesome! This looks like it will end up being a fun blood drenched grindhouse film. 

They say in their film blog that they actually ran out of fake blood on day three of shooting. It sounds like this film is going to be ridiculously bloody. Check out the teaser footage below and let us know what ya think!

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