Rinisch's Short Film THE GIFT already Developed as a Sci-Fi Feature called SMALL - Info & Concept Art

Commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch's short film The Gift sure has spawned a lot of excitement, and since the online premiere of the film there's been a lot of buzz, a lot of talk, and a lot of information that been unleashed. The day after the video short premiered a few Hollywood studios went into a bidding war frenzy fighting with their money to obtain the rights to develop the film into a full-length feature film. And why wouldn't they? The short sci-fi film that Rinsch created was freakin awesome! Now according to our pals over at /Film it seems as if the feature length film has already been developed, and the bidding war that is currently under way between studios is over a packaged project. 

The title of the feature-length film is called Small, and Rinsch has already written the script for the film and it's been fully designed. The images we have that you see here is leaked concept art for the film. The film will pick up right where the sort film The Gift left off, which served as a prequel to the full concept of the film.

Apparently Rinsch is so into the details of the story and tech that he went out and met with various nobel prize winning scientists and theorists to help design a world and a narrative that could be scientifically plausible. 

You also might be interested to know that Rinsch funded this project with his own money, and that the original short film is 95% CGI. I know, It's crazy! That chase sequence at the end of the short was completely CGI, the robot, the cars, the motorcycle, and the whole city... CGI. Amazing! You have to watch the short again just to see how great those effects look. 

I loved the short film, and I'm totally digging this concept art, which reveals some kind of spacecraft pod, and a sweet ass looking mech suit. Check out the art above and below, then go back and watch the short film, and let us know what you think. It looks like Rinsch is going to do some great things in Hollywood.

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