Short Sc-Fi Film THE GIFT Sparks Bidding War in Hollywood for Feature Film Adaptation

Yesterday we showed you an amazing short sci-fi film from director Carl Erik Rinsch called The Gift. The short film was part of a Philips promotional campaign that they were sponsoring, which allowed five filmmakers to make their own movie using the same piece of dialogue.

The film follows a man who is delivering some kind of box with a unicorn it, something goes wrong and a robotic manservant ends up on the run from Moscow police in a bourne style chase scene.

The day this short was unleashed online a bidding war broke out between several studios who want to turn the short into a feature film. Both Warner Bros. and Fox are involved with trying to get the rights to the short. There’s a possibility the property might end up at Fox due to the fact that the director is part of Ridley Scott’s commercial house RSA, and Scott has been associated with Fox for a long time.

At one time Rinsch was attached to direct the Alien prequel that was recently taken over by Scott himself. Rinsch is currently developing a remake of Creature From The Black Lagoon and is in preproduction on an epic period samurai film titled 47 Ronin to star Keanu Reeves, both for Universal. Not sure if Universal is in on this bidding action, they seem to be very tight on money these days. In the end, one of these studios is going to own the property and it Rinsch will most likely get to turn it into a feature film. 

Click Here to watch the short film in case you missed it yesterday.

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