This Week in Comics, 05.05.2010

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And now here's the comic book news, but you didn't hear it from me...

-- Everyone went and saw Kick-Ass, right? Pretty sweet, even though it lost to Dragonheart in its second weekend. But if you thought that the last part of the movie was a cliffhanger, you were probably sorta correct. News has hit that Mark Millar is going to be launching a new UK magazine (CLiNT Magazine) with the sequel Kick-Ass: Balls to the Wall. Hmm, if he kicked ass in the first installment, does that mean he's going to actually place his balls on a wall in the sequel? Fanboys: discuss. [Millar to Launch UK Magazine with "Kick-Ass" Sequel]

-- I love drawing gritty noir comics. Despite the love for the game, I suck hard at it. I just can't get my trench coats to look like trench coats. What's the use of drawing noir if you can't even sketch a f*cking trench coat?? Thankfully, artist Shawn Martinbrough has some tips to help me in my never-ending struggle to be the best at everything. That includes pleasing your mother. [Drawing Noir with Shawn Martinbrough]

-- I just recently penned out a preliminary script for a Batman story. It's pretty excellent, and well under wraps. Wait... No, no, no, no, NO! How could they have made that this quick?! But I wrote the story first! No, I won't report it! Ugh... Batman: Hood Something in July. [BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD on DVD/Blu-ray JULY 27, 2010]

-- If you're like me, you can't keep up with these sweeping trends. The twittering, the facebooking, the personal computer usage... Oh yeah, and the Brightest Day solicitations. DC puts out alot of stuff at once, and it's hard to keep up. So here is their solicitations list for May so you have some control over what you wanna buy. My suggestions? Wait for the movies. [BRIGHTEST DAY solicitations for May]

-- Do you have weekly withdrawals for Trehern's most excellent writing style? Have an interest in independent comic books? What if we combined the two into a massive collaborative rant that wastes both your time and my energy? Well, here you go. What happens when a company produces so many comics that COBRA Commander gets agitated? Click to find out! Cobraaaaawwwwww!!! [The Green Hornet Works Overtime by Alan Trehern]

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TWIC Picks
: Astonishing Spider-Man/ Wolverine #1, Brightest Day #1, Batman and Robin #12 (The Return of Bruce Wayne begins here!)

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