Keanu Reeves really is serious about making a Third BILL & TED Movie

During the Oscars Keanu Reeves reveled that there was actually a possibility that we could see a third Bill & Ted film. When asked if he was serious, he said that he was! In case you still didn't believe him, he recently talked about the film to Empire, and revealed once again that the film is in fact being discussed, and that he really wants to reprise his role as Ted Theodore Logan. 

I'm still friends with Alex [Winter, aka Bill], and we're talking to Chris and Ed [Matheson and Solomon, the original writers] to see if they can write something. I'd love to play the role and work with them again. We'll see what they do...

I'd love to see these two guys reprise their roles from the classic films of 1989's Excellent Adventure and 1992's Bogus Journey. I know it would be a little weird, after all the two actors are almost fifty years old. Where would we find the characters in their lives at that age? 

If this movie ends up happening... cool. If it doesn't I won't miss it. I would like to see Reeves jump back into a comedic film again though. 

What do you think about the possibility of Bill & Ted part 3?

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