Poster for THE FLOWERS OF WAR is beautiful!

Here is the new poster for Zhang Yimou's film The Flowers of War, which is set during the Japanese occupation of Naking in 1937. Thanks for Chris Ball, the film will have an awards-qualifying U.S. release in LA, NY and San Francisco in late December. In early 2012, Flowers of War will be expanded throughout the U.S.

Shigeo Kobayashi stars alongside Bale in the film, which is 60 percent in Mandarin and 40 percent in English. The film is based on Heng Liu's screenplay adapted from Geling Yan's book The 13 Women of Nanjing. Zhang Yimou's film tells the story of "an American who finds himself trapped in China's capital city when it is overrun by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1937. Pretending to be a priest, he hides out at a church compound that is a girls school. Soon, a group of prostitutes also find refuge there as the Japanese overtake and massacre the residents of Nanking."

The trailer for the film shows it's epic scope and beautiful cinematography. Check out the equally beautiful full-size poster below:

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