HALO: FAITH Fan Film Poster and Teaser Image

PosterPhotosMovie by Joey Paur

Machinima has released a new poster and teaser image for a upcoming fan made Halo film called Halo: Faith. We recently posted some images and a behind the scenes video for another fan made Halo film from Machinima called Operation Chastity. So it looks like were going to see a couple fan-made Halo movies coming our way. It's like there's a Halo fan-film revolution going on.

Halo: Faith is being directed by Jared Pelletier and here's the plot summary:

Three Spartan II's are called to defend power generators for the Orbital MAC Cannon's during the initial Covenant attacks on Reach.

I really like the images that were released. Both the poster and the image above are really cool. I've also posted a few more images from the film below the poster. I can't wait to see how this all comes together. What do you all think of what you see here?

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