George Lucas talks STAR WARS 3D and live-action TV series delay

George Lucas appeared on G4′s Attack of the Show in honor of the opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. He discussed the upcoming Star Wars 3D theatrical releases, and revealed why the long-rumored live action TV series has taken so long.

Check out the video interview below:

Lucas first talked about the Star Wars 3D, saying that the post-conversion process used is better than all of the 3D post-conversions seen in theaters now. The technology is finally to the place where Lucas wanted. What sets this post-conversion apart, is that Lucas has the same crew that helped make the original films assisting in the post-conversion, bringing a higher level of expertise to the process. 

Lucas goes on to talk about the TV show, saying that they are "just waiting to figure out a different way of making movies, a different technology we can use.” The show currently “looks like the Star Wars features” and when the new technology is finalized for the show “it will dramatically affect a lot of movies.”

The goal is to make movies on the whole cheaper to film. The TV series is conceived as being shot like a major movie, and that it would not be “economically feasible” to shoot them in the same manner. Lucas is working on technology of some sort that will allow for a movie that would cost $200 million now, to cost $50 million.

Sounds like amazing news for the movie industry and movie fans alike. What are your thoughts on this news?

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