Jon Favreau & Robert Downey Jr. Talk IRON MAN 1,2 & 3, THE AVENGERS, COWBOYS & ALIENS, MAGIC KINGDOM and More

On Sunday night I attended the last event for the 2011 Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood CA, and it was a pretty damn cool. The films that were shown included Iron Man and Iron Man 2 

Before they started the first film we were shown an all new full length trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger in 3D, and it was awesome. There was a lot of footage that we had already seen, but there was still a few new awesome scenes that were thrown in that you can read about here.

After Iron Man was over director Jon Favreau came out to do an little Q&A session. During the Q&A he picked up his cell phone and told the audience he was going to call Robert Downey Jr. after there was no answer Downey Jr. actually showed up, sat next to Favreau and the entertaining Q&A session continued.

Topics discussed included behind the scenes stories of Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Including a opening scene that was hot and cut from the film. Favreau talked about his upcoming film Cowboys & Aliens film, and showed us 9 great minutes of the film. Afterwards he talked about working with Harrison Ford, and trying to get his next film Magic Kingdom off the ground with Disney, telling us his experience of taking the Disneyland after hours tour. Downy Jr. was of course asked about The Avengers which is currently in production, and he said he was extremely excited about it, and that Joss Whedon is completely nailing it, which was awesome to hear. They also talk about Iron Man 3, and the fact that Shane Black is attached to direct it, which they are both very excited about. Favreau also hopes to be involved with the film as much as he can. There is so much more they talk about and it’s worth checking out. These guys are just funny entertaining to watch.

It was so cool to see these two talents together again talking about their old projects together, and the future projects they are working on and have planned. I recorded the full Q&A session, which you can watch below. When you’re done tell us what you think!

Oh and the clicking sounds you hear in the video are cameras. Yes they are annoying. 

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