THOR 2 - Chris Hemsworth Disappointed Kenneth Branagh wont be Back

It was recently reported that director Kenneth Branagh wouldn't be back to direct the sequel to Thor, which is pretty discouraging. Branagh did a fantastic job bringing Thor to life on the big screen, and I don't think anyone else could have done it so well. But the fans aren't the only ones who are sad about his departure, Thor star Chris Hemsworth recently gave an interview in which he shares his feeling on the whole situation saying,

I’m really disappointed. Ken built that character, and everything I know about the Thor world I learned while shoulder-to-shoulder with Ken. I learned so much from him. As long as he’s happy, that’s the thing. I learned so much from Ken while we built [the first film], so at least I had that time with someone like that. The start of anything creative is the most important period in a way. That’s when the most can go wrong, and Ken made sure we got it right.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige invited Branagh to come back, it was Branagh's decision not to return to the successful film franchise he developed. In the end he just didn't want to deal with the pressures of getting a sequel to the big screen.

At least Branagh was there to set the style and tone for the franchise. I just hope the studio brings in a new director that can effectively carry the torch of Thor. Who would you like to see come in and direct the film. 

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