Armie Hammer Up for the Role of Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE


It sounds like Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer might get another chance to play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie that Warner Bros. is currently developing. He was actually cast in the role the first time around when George Miller was attached to direct it. The movie fell apart for various reasons, but since then Hammer has become a much bigger star.

According to a "very good source," from Moviehole, the Social Network and Mirror Mirror star is ”back on WB’s radar” for the part of Batman in Justice League.

It makes sense that the studio would want Hammer back on board. I think he's a pretty solid choice to take on the role, he's got that Bruce Wayne charisma. The studio's already seen Hammer in the suit, they know he can pull off the role because he's auditioned for them before, and they gave him the part. So if they can get him back, why not take him? 

It was previously rumored that John Carter and Battleship star Taylor Kitsch was up for the part, but unfortunately for him, he's shown that he's not a very big box office draw. But, I guess there's always a chance. 

It was also mentioned in the report that whoever is cast as Batman in Justice League will stay in Justice League. The actor won't branch out into a sole Batman movie. Which means that maybe it won't launch a series of spinoff movies like I initially thought

The script is currently being written by Will Beale, and we're still a ways out before we start seeing some real casting news. But I'm looking forward to seeing Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter all up on the same screen together. Hopefully, whoever they bring on to direct the film will be able to awesomely pull it off!

Do you think Armie Hammer is a good choice for Batman? Is there someone else you had in mind other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play the character? Because that's just not going to happen.

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